Quality Turf For All Your Needs

At Turf Envy we pride ourselves on providing the highest level of quality turf. That’s why we provide up to 15 years limited warranty on all our products. We invite you to take a closer look at our turf selection below and see which of our products is the perfect fit for your job.

Like any sport, golf requires a special kind of turf. This specialty putting green turf is sure to make your game of golf a hole in one!

For beautiful lawns, decorative spaces, and anywhere that needs a touch of green. These turf types are vibrant and soft, yet durable enough.

Backyards often need highly durable turf that is both aesthetically pleasing and functional. These turf types fit the bill perfectly.

Heavy wear and tear from children and pets mean a stronger turf type is needed. This selection shows beautiful and strong turf.

These turf types are the most sought after and considered to be our “Premium�? turf. They offer high durability with a more natural and realistic look.

Turf Fun Facts

Yarn Type

Our artificial turf grasses are created from polypropylene and polyethylene and can be designed and constructed in different forms.

UV Resistant

To protect our artificial turf grasses from ultraviolet rays, chemicals and dyes are added (this also makes the turf green).

Turf Construction

Our proprietary ingredients are blended together, then woven into a type of yarn. The yarn is then put into a tufting machine.

Coating & Backing

Our artificial turf is pierced for optimal drainage and breathability. The backing is woven and coated with polyurethane layers.