Turf Envy’s Ultimate Guide on How to Use Your Artificial Grass Remnants

Learn how you can take your artificial grass remnants to the next level!

Have you recently undergone a landscaping project and still have an abundance of artificial grass remnants? When undergoing an installation or landscaping project, it is common to have some extra turf left over from trimming or cutting. Are you scratching your head, trying to figure out what you can do with your excess turf?

Never fear! Turf Envy is an environmentally sustainable company, so read on for some tips on what you can do with the extra turf remnants. From home decor to finishing touches on your new lawn, you can make every turf blade count! Contact Turf Envy to learn more about special promotions on our turf remnants today.

Yard or Patio

Whether or not you have a vast expansive yard or a cozy patio, you can use your turf remnants to take your space to the next level. You could make an outdoor rug, lawn chairs, table, and even a small mat to rest your feet on for patios. You can create flower pot cozies for plants and a house sign to hang by your door. For yards, you can go back over your freshly installed turf lawn and create a chessboard or other decorative designs on your turf. If you have a pool, you can install turf poolside, as it enhances the overall beauty while providing drainage and slip-resistant flooring, making it a safe option if you have kids or pets.

Living Room

Now let’s move into the central part of the house where guests and family can congregate–the living room. In the living room, there are small things you can do to make the most of your turf remnants without overdoing it. From pillows and cushions to ottomans and stools, you can create a soft and plush space to sit and even rest your head on. Consider a table runner, picture frames, and coasters for your coffee table – all created with turf. You can cover your hardwood floor with a rug made of artificial grass remnants. As we move onto the next room, don’t forget to hang your keys on the lavishly turf-decorated key hanger on the wall.

Kitchen & Dining Room

Arguably considered the most crucial room in the house is the kitchen and dining room, where families and friends can come together and eat. The shelves and counters could be lined with turf remnants to create a cozy jungle theme. You can also cut out dinner placemats made of turf, and your family and friends will feel like they are eating outside on the glorious grass. Once you finish eating, then you can wash your dishes and set them on a turf-made dish dryer due to turf’s handy property of offering excellent drainage options. In addition, this would be an ideal place to put your milk bottles and cylinder-shaped thermal cups after washing to drain water out of them effectively. While those dishes are drying, you can have your kids work on a fun DIY project and create refrigerator magnets for your fridge.

Closets & Organization

No one wants to talk about closets, as they can sometimes be a big catch-all for things you don’t need. However, what if I told you that turf could change that? You can use your artificial grass remnants in the Las Vegas area to organize the items in your closet, making things easy to find. You can line the shelves of your wardrobe with turf. You can also prevent your dresses and shirts from falling off hangers by installing small amounts of turf, which will virtually grip the clothes better. You can set a small rug to place your shoes on, keeping the outside dirt away from your flooring.

Also, just because turf is green and dull doesn’t mean it won’t make a fabulous accessory or outfit. From dresses and pants to shoes and shirts, you can pay homage to your lawn and wear a turf-inspired outfit. Take your purse made of turf remnants when going out for a night on the town. You can also fill your turf-made beach bag with everything you need for the water.

Kid’s Room

If you have kids or are planning on having kids, you will undoubtedly have a conversation about how to decorate your kid’s room. One fantastic idea you can do is to create a jungle theme complete with swinging branches, swaying grass blades, and screaming wild animals. The jungle fun doesn’t have to stop there! From play mats to pillows to desk chairs, you can create them out of turf remnants. Add a turf yard for their animal-themed dollhouse and a play stage made of turf. For kids fascinated with pop-it toys, consider giving them a swatch of turf, which can be a great sensory device. Let your kids stomp, rub, and touch those turf swatches!

Pets & Turf

Turf can be just as beneficial for pets as it proves to be for kids. You can create scratchers, toys, and even a pad for litter boxes for cats. As for man’s best friend, you can make a luxuriously soft and comfortable bed and a potty pad. You can put a small square of turf under their dishes for cats and dogs to pick up any spilled food and water.

Key Takeaway

Hopefully, this comprehensive list has given you several creative and practical ideas on what you can do with your turf remnants. If you are interested in buying one of the highest quality artificial grass remnants in the Las Vegas area, contact Turf Envy to see how you can decorate and enhance your space with extra turf leftovers from installations and other landscape projects.

By Helen Hensell, Content Writer for Turf Envy.  You can connect with her on Twitter or LinkedIn.