Eye-Opening Ways to Keep Your Turf Brand-New

Who: You, the person who picked out turf to satisfy your dream landscape to complete your home decor

What: Sustaining the pristine look of your turf

Where: Inside or outside

Three out of five W questions are explained. Continue reading to discover the omitted W (when, why) and H (how) answers.

Why Focus on the Maintenance of Turf?

You may say to yourself, why do I have to worry about the maintenance of my turf? Many people believe that once they opt for it, artificial turf upkeep is out the window, but that is not true. The way turf is designed, woven, and coated with polyurethane layers, over time it will absolutely have some type of build-up or imperfections. These will leave you wanting to restore it to its natural state and how it looked on day one. Who doesn’t want crisp-looking turf? Maintaining your turf will allow you to enjoy the look of it for years.

Discover other reasons you may want to preserve your turf:

Your Love For Gardening

You may have opted for turf because you realize it’s one of the best things for the environment due to droughts and water conservation. But now it feels as if the tasks you used to do to fulfill your love of gardening have come to an end. Turn that frown upside down, as you can still do yard work.

Eradicate Allergens

Your neighbor or the park nearby has trees and grass. The pollen from each is soaring through the air and landing on your turf and you’d like to get rid of the allergens. Life is better when you can breathe freely.

An Upcoming Gathering

Are you planning on using your turf as the next hangout spot, and need it to be clean and tidy? Whether it’s friends, family, or time you’re spending with your pet, you’d like to do away with the stains, spills, debris, and stench to create a pleasant place to lounge.

Disinfect Your Terrain

Germs and bacteria may be taking over your turf, whether it is from animal waste, a standing water puddle from the pool or fountain, or an unfamiliar blemish. This is making the appearance of your turf dirty and you would prefer to sanitize your yard.

Wear and Tear

You make the most of your turf by constantly spending time on it and notice that some spots have more flattened pieces than others. Why not freshen up the turf by fluffing it out for that flawless look?

Now that you have reasons behind artificial turf upkeep, do you know how to do so?  Keep reading on to find out ways to keep your turf looking brand-new.

When and How to Take Care of Turf

The different types of turf have qualities and blade structures for unique scenarios. Professionals at Turf Envy will assist you in narrowing down the options to determine which one is most optimal for your project. You may be asked where your turf will be placed and what it will be used for. Based on your answers, this will establish how and when you should take care of your turf. On average, you should beautify your turf once a year for rare usage, and twice a year for minimum to moderate use. Performing maintenance on turf is very similar to maintaining your carpet and it can be a burdenless task as long as you have the items required.

Highly Suggested Product: Oxyturf

The recommended chemical mixture for artificial turf upkeep is Oxyturf, a product created by an individual very familiar with the turf industry, Adam Hambarian. Hambarian and grass experts at Oxyturf collaborated with chemists to develop this cleaning solution that is 99.9% effective in eliminating germs and bacteria. Additionally, it neutralizes mold and mildew. It is safe for use near humans and pets as it is EPA certified, which means it passed the Environmental Protection Agency’s scientific process to ensure that only the safest ingredients are used. The hydrogen peroxide base and biodegradable components make up a tough but gentle disinfectant that will leave your nose happy with a clean and fresh scent.

Caring For Your Turf

Start by manually picking up any large pieces of unwanted waste from your turf. There will likely be remaining traces of rubbish that you cannot see or simply cannot pick up because it is too small. That is where a leafblower would come in handy to blast away the rest of the junk. You will want to use the low setting so that you are not applying too much pressure that will damage your artificial grass.

You can perform spot cleaning, which is when you wipe a mark off of the turf immediately after it happens. Use Oxyturf or your water hose to spray the section. Allow a few minutes for the water or solution to soak into the base of the turf. Then, wipe the remaining residue using a cloth or mop.

Use a turf rake or broom to enhance your turf’s appearance as well as increase its lifespan. These tools allow for blooming, which is the action of rising turf blades when grooming turf. This aids in pushing the infill back into the base. You can use a stiff broom with synthetic bristles, or an artificial grass broom or rake made specifically for the maintenance of turf.

Be sure to consult with a turf professional to ensure your method of taking care of turf is best for your landscape.

Sold by Turf Envy

Oxyturf’s disinfectant solution is a product you can add on upon making your turf selection. The following size and quantity options are available:

32-oz sprayer (pack of 1 or 4)

½ gallon EZ Pump sprayer (pack of 4 or 30)

1-gallon case (pack of 4)

1-gallon bundle (sprayer and solution)

What’s the Final Analysis?

Although artificial turf upkeep must be performed, it still involves less work than it would if you had real grass. Use Oxyturf and other turf-approved tools to enhance your turf’s appearance, increase its lifespan and kick the stink out of your turf. In no time, your turf will look brand-new and you will be happy to use it as a hang-out spot and be free from bacteria, germs, and allergens.

Contact the Turf Experts at Turf Envy today to order your OxyTurf products.

By Cebrina Porter, Content Writer for Turf Envy