Artificial Grass for Dogs: Everything You Need to Know Now

Dogs love to lounge outside in your yard. There’s no doubt that grass and dogs go together like peanut butter and jelly. But the harsh reality of natural grass lies between the games and the fun in the sun. There are bugs and other critters, patches of dirt, numerous holes, and even dog droppings. Sometimes it can be frustrating to keep up with the maintenance as your dog will run back out the next day, and the cycle continues. Also, the natural grass will keep growing, and pests will undoubtedly and annoyingly return.

So, what to do? You can install turf from Turf Envy to keep the maintenance minimum and those annoying critters at bay. Your dogs will be safer and more secure while saving you time and money. Read on to find out how turf and dogs go together. Then, contact THE turf experts at Turf Envy to learn how to find the perfect artificial grass for your dogs.

Artificial grass is created with your dog in mind

When installing turf in your yard, you say goodbye to fleas, ticks, allergy-inducing plants, and other toxic weeds. These pests are incredibly harmful to dogs, and it is often challenging to eliminate them. Even after hiring landscape developers and pest control specialists to help keep these annoying critters and toxic plants at bay, you won’t stop them. That is why installing turf is by far the safest for your dog. Ticks and fleas can’t survive on turf because they prefer wet and dark areas. That is excellent news for your dog, who will not constantly be scratching itself from ticks and fleas. Furthermore, turf doesn’t trigger any allergies like you potentially can get on natural grass, so you don’t have to worry about your dogs suffering from allergies. Due to a lack of insects and harmful chemicals, artificial grass is by far safer for dogs.

Low maintenance turf

After working all day, the last thing you want to do is to toil over your lawn, especially in the nearly 100-degree Nevada heat. It sounds much more appealing to come home, grab your favorite drink, and then head out to the lawn to spend valuable bonding time with your dog. Because turf requires minimal care and effort, you can come home and do just that. First, use a turf rake to eliminate leaves and other debris that might have gotten stuck in your turf. Then, the built-in T°Cool® cooling infill will absorb all debris into its drainage system. It can conveniently tidy up your turf, leaving you to spend the rest of your evening hanging out with your best friend.

Dogs love turf all year round

When artificial grass is in your yard, you will find water is your best friend. In the hotter months, you can use water to hose off your lawn and you can use it to help cool your property down. Unlike natural grass, when you hose your artificial grass with water, your turf lawn will get cool within minutes and stay like that for longer. With proper shading, your lawn can stay cool for the rest of the day, letting your dogs play outside longer.

Your dog will also love playing outside in the winter as turf is temperature-controlled. Turf will continue to look its best even during the most brittle and cold winter months. Whereas natural grass can grow stiff and brittle, this worry will no longer exist with artificial grass.

Droughts? No problem

Droughts are unfortunately fairly common in the southwestern part of the United States. Depending on the severity of the drought, your natural grass will have patches of dryness and discoloration. This is not suitable for dogs (or any pets) at all. When there is a severe, long-lasting drought, you must turn on your sprinklers to water your lawn. The side-effect is that pools of water will form from the running water, which can carry severe and potentially fatal diseases that can be passed on to animals. It can also increase the number of chemicals in the water; from that water, algae can grow, leading to further contamination. You will keep your dogs safer from those chemicals by getting artificial grass if you live in an area prone to droughts.

Better for the environment

Contrary to many myths that turf can negatively impact the environment, many factors tip the scales on the positive environmental benefits of turf. One way that turf is great for the environment is that it saves water. Its excellent drainage system can properly and efficiently filter out water and other liquid wastes often left behind by dogs and allocated them to the proper systems. Furthermore, having turf means you will use less water which is a win-win for the environment, especially in drought-prone areas. Second, you don’t need fertilizer when you have turf on your lawn. As a bonus, your dogs won’t have to smell and absorb the chemicals from any fertilizer you put down. Thirdly, your turf yard will not need to be mowed. This means that you will not be using an excess of gasoline products, and thus you can say goodbye to your lawn mower. Your dogs can run around on your turf without fear of those noisy, gas-guzzling machines. With artificial turf, you are ultimately saving water, eliminating chemicals, and reducing gasoline usage, which all contribute toward protecting the environment and your dog.

Saving you money

Having turf on your lawn can save you hundreds of dollars. First, you will save money on fuel since you don’t have to mow your lawn. Second, turf requires minimal regular maintenance, so you can forgo those costly landscaping projects to upkeep your natural grass yard. Once turf is installed, and with regular care, it will last for twenty years. Compare that to a natural lawn that must constantly be maintained with expensive landscaping services throughout your living on your property. It is easy to see how turf can be cost-effective over the long term. By saving money, you can allocate it to a family member that matters — your dog.

Your dog will love our turf!

Now Turf Envy turf has a variety of artificial grass for dogs for every purpose and lifestyle. The most budget-friendly turf we offer is the Garnett, super soft but highly durable for dogs to play on. We also have the very popular Topaz option for its soft and beautiful olive-colored turf that can also withstand rough and rowdy play. But if you are looking for a luscious and beautiful turf, then perhaps Jade might be right for you.

Artificial grass is an excellent alternative to natural grass. Natural grass can die, leave spotted patches, and require constant maintenance. Because turf requires minimal upkeep  (you only need water and a rake), it will leave you more time to spend with your furry friends. It is easy to see how the benefits of turf can ultimately help dogs grow in a safe, nurturing, green environment. Turf and dogs do indeed go together. Contact our turf experts at Turf Envy today to learn which artificial grass for dogs would be perfect for your yard.

By Helen Hensell, Content Writer for Turf Envy. You can connect with her on Twitter and LinkedIn.