7 Summer Turf Activities That Will Make You Love Your Lawn

Are there any super fun turf activities you can do with your entire family? Many artificial grass myths will get too hot for the family to play and relax on. Nothing can be further from the truth. If anything, you can have even more fun. In this article, you will find seven awesome turf activities that will make you love your lawn.

Water Games

Remember when you were a kid, and you would put on your swimsuit and then jump in one of those plastic kiddie pools? One thing you can do on your new turf is to make a big splash, thanks to a connected drainage system. You can play a variety of water games. You can jump through a slip ‘n slide, throw water balloons, play water limbo, and run a water relay. You can even try to catch some fish in a game of backyard fishing. Your kids will be happy and entertained, and so will you. It is important to note that the fast drainage of water makes turf an excellent and safe choice for kids to play, eliminating potentially dangerous slippery and muddy areas.


This one might cause you to lose more sweat than you take in. But if you have enough water on standby, you can pull out some sports equipment to keep your family occupied. Whether it’s baseball or badminton, there are so many sports that you can choose from to let loose on your turf without damaging your new installation. There’s a reason turf is the green standard for major sports fields, and it’s not just for looks. Because turf requires little to no maintenance, can endure floods and intense winds, and provides an even playing field, it is safer to play sports on turf than on its real-life counterpart. Playing sports on a hot summer day can quickly heat up the turf, but if you have T°Cool® installed, then it will help to regulate the temperature, so you can avoid damaging turf from excessive heat.

Chess & Checkers

If physical activity isn’t your game, chess and checkers might be. Pull out that black-and-white crisscross board set out the pieces and get to playing. This is an ideal game for older kids and adults to play while enjoying their turfed-out backyard. To avoid the hassle of setting up your chess game, you can design and create a game of more permanent chess set on your turf. Just alternate a stone with a square of turf, and then you have got a chess board on your lawn. The best thing is that you do not have to worry about cutting the grass to keep the board even. Just gather a group of people together, assign roles, and play. This would be perfect for huge parties and family get-togethers.


Another fun outdoor game is the good old-fashioned cornhole game, which you might also know as a beanbag toss. Although it is a good game to play on natural grass, you can also play it on turf as well. All you need is a wooden raised platform and a few beanbags for throwing. Set the wooden platform on your newly installed turf, preferably somewhere with a lot of space. Once it is set up, you can gather your friends and family. Then, let the beanbag toss competition commence! As long as there are no sharp objects or splinters from the wood, then it will not damage your artificial grass.

Sunbathing & Picnicking

The fifth activity that you can do is another one that can involve the entire family.  First, grab some snacks and your favorite drink for your turf picnic. Then, grab a nice, thick, soft blanket and spread it on your freshly installed turf. Once you do, you will find that sunbathing on turf is so much nicer than on grass. This is because turf feels warmer and will mold to the shape of your body. In other words, laying on turf is like laying on a warm bed, though with the same prickly sensations.

You can then stretch out while you get snacking. The sun might be tough to beat but infills like T°Cool® help combat the heat while you enjoy your turf. Sit outside with some food, and a lot of ice-cold water, and watch your children and pets play.

Fun & Games with Your Pets

If you have pets, you can play games with your fun, furry friends. Whether throwing a ball for your dog to fetch or enticing a mouse toy for your cat, you can play with your pets on your turf without worrying about possible damage. Also, you can even set their food and water bowls on the turf without worrying about spillage. If your pet spills their water, just let the drainage system take care of it. As for their food, just use a rake to remove the food quickly and efficiently from the artificial grass. Turf offers a safe, comfortable place for your furry friends to enjoy their time in the sun.


Finally, camping is another activity you can do on your new turf. Get out your tent, your sleeping bags, and the rest of your family, and spend the night under the stars. Even though you can’t have a traditional campfire, you can have a backyard fire pit, which is a lot cleaner. Don’t use traditional stakes in the artificial grass but use rocks or bricks to help anchor the tent if it is needed. Another great part about camping on turf is that you don’t have to worry about bugs getting into the tent or waking up in buckets of sweat. Turf is also a lot more comfortable than natural grass. Once you sleep on turf, it might be tempting to make it a permanent thing, much to your spouse’s dismay.

There’s so much that you can do on turf. This list discusses seven unique turf activities that are great for turf. Since there are no bugs and it is low maintenance, doing exercises on turf is a total game-changer and will save you a lot of time cleaning up afterward. With periodic maintenance, you have more time for what’s essential–spending time with your family and friends on your new turf.

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by Helen Hensell, Content Writer for Turf Envy