5 Artificial Grass Myths Debunked – Turf Envy

Because there are myths or misconceptions about artificial turf, these misunderstandings may prevent you from choosing artificial turf for your next project. Here, Turf Envy debunks some of the most common artificial turf myths to ensure that our artificial turf is the perfect choice for you.

Myth #1 – Artificial turf is too expensive.

People think that artificial grass is too expensive. When in reality, it is very profitable in the long run, even lower than what a real grass lawn costs. If you add the cost of lawnmowers, forage, fertilizer, pesticides, hoses, water, trimmers, landscaping bills, and the cost of maintaining real grass lawns, artificial lawns are much cheaper than real grasses during their service life. Although the initial setup cost of artificial turf is higher, in the long run, saving maintenance time, energy, and money can provide a great value to you, proving that artificial turf is more profitable than real grass.

Myth #2 – Artificial Grass Looks Fake.

When artificial turf was first created, it may have looked fake and unlike real grass. However, artificial grass has greatly improved over time, and higher-end products such as ours here at Turf Envy look and feel as good (or even better) as the real thing. This is because Turf Envy uses the highest-quality polymers to manufacture yarns that give you the most realistic-looking turf products available. In fact, our premium artificial grass has been developed to such a high standard that it looks and feels so natural, that many cannot tell the difference between a real grass lawn and Turf Envy artificial grass.

Myth #3 – Artificial grass is difficult to maintain.

Artificial turf is not difficult to maintain. In fact, it is much easier than real grass because it doesn’t require frequent watering, feeding, fertilization, and mowing to maintain artificial turf. Simply use a blower, hard brush, or plastic to remove trash and debris. When the lawn becomes dirty and needs cleaning, use a mild detergent and hard brush to clean it. You can also treat your lawn with herbicides twice a year to protect it from airborne seeds and weeds.

Myth #4 – Artificial turf is not suitable for dogs.

The next misunderstanding about artificial turf is that it is not suitable for dogs. However, artificial turf from Turf Envy is suitable for pets, and both dogs and owners love it. It’s not natural grass, but it will not damage as easily or allow mud stains to happen, also, dogs will no longer dig holes in the yard or have dirty paws. An artificial turf lawn will also look great all year round. Artificial turf is also non-toxic, hygienic, and will not change color or be affected by pet urine, which means that there will be no yellow stains on your lush green artificial turf. This makes Turf Envy’s artificial turf ideal for dog owners and kennels.

Myth #5 – Artificial turf is harmful to the environment.

Artificial turf may not be as harmful to the environment as originally thought, because artificial turf does not require a lawnmower like natural grass, so you won’t need to be burning fuel. A study by Stockholm University found that the pollutants emitted by electric lawnmowers are similar to when you drive 100 miles in a car. In addition, artificial turf does not need to be watered like natural grass, which makes your lawn more environmentally friendly due to its lower water consumption. Unlike natural grasses that harm the environment and wild animals, it does not require fertilizers or pesticides to maintain a good appearance. Our artificial grasses can also be recycled at the end of their use-life so that they can be reused in other products. Reducing landfill waste saves resources and makes Turf Envy artificial turf products very sustainable.

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