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How is artificial turf cleaned?

Artificial turf is easy to maintain. If you do not have pets, simply using a turf rake to remove debris is the most effective.  It is not recommended to use a yard rake or push broom on the turf as it can be damaged and void the warranty.  If you have pets, it is recommended that you use a turf approved cleaning agent.  We recommend OxyTurf.

Does turf drain?

Yes, water drains from the punch holes in the backing. The punch holes will drain 50-500 inches of water per hour which is sufficient for any climate.

Is artificial turf pet safe?

Most artificial turf is safe for your furry family member. It would be a recommendation to obtain the testing results from the supplier to determine if it has any harmful levels of chemicals.  Turf generally will not hurt your pet while they are walking on it or rolling around on it.

What is infill?

Infill sand is used to help protect the backing of the turf from the elements as well as provide a ballast of support for the yarn fibers. Using too little infill sand could cause your grass to “lay down”.  The infill types that are commonly used consist of: >silica sand >envirofill (for pets)>TCool (to cool the turf)>Zeodorizer (pet infill)

What is the life expectancy of artificial turf?

With proper care and maintenance, like anything, turf could potentially last up to 18 years.  There are several factors that play into the longevity including use, maintenance, pets, performance, manufacturing, etc.  Make sure you find a supplier that carries at least a 15 year warranty.  We do

What does the weight of turf mean?

There are two different factors that make up either total weight or face weight. Total weight is the amount of yarn including the backing of a square yard of turf.  Face weight is the same minus the backing.  The higher the weight does not necessarily mean better quality, it signifies the amount of product within that square yard.  Just like carpet, you can have a shag carpet of high quality or low quality.  It’s the yarn that makes the difference.

What does the warranty cover?

Turf Envy offers a 15 year warranty, 7 additional limited years above and beyond the manufacturer’s 8 year warranty. The warranty covers excessive discoloration*, yarn excessively separating from the backing*, deterioration of the backing*.  Please see the warranty for full details here.

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