About Us

Our History

Turf Envy was born in Las Vegas

At the height of the pandemic and the center of water conservation, Turf Envy has bursted on to the scene as a major provider for top quality artificial turf.  As the founder, Celeste has brought decades of business experience and her love for Las Vegas to Turf Envy and created a service focused business helping the community in its efforts to conserve water.

Our Mission

Turf Envy is committed to driving conservation through education and service to our community by offering quality products, service beyond expectation, and authenticity.

Our Vision

Turf Envy believes and creates authentic relationships across the country to become the leader in artificial turf products and education.

Seamless Management

Technology is at the core of our company and we utilize a streamlined management structure to help fulfill our customer orders.  From online ordering system to live agents to assist with questions, the goal at Turf Envy is to provide service beyond expectation.

Flawless Incorporation

Turf Envy’s mission is to provide incredible service across the country to customers, large and small.  Turf Envy has nationwide locations that serve customers across the country.  Whether you are a homeowner with a small project to a large contractor installing a field, Turf Envy is here to support your project.

Business Goals

Our goal is to provide quality turf across the country.  With new locations opening up across our country, we are still a small company with high standards and lofty goals.  Our partnerships with vendors and manufacturers are important and we vet all who we buy from to provide quality to our customers.

About Turf Envy

Nationwide Distribution Centers

Whether you are a local installer or DIY warrior, we are able to support our customers in multiple states with turf and accessories.  With the ability to custom create specific turf for customers, we have the ability to create the turf that our customers want for their specific projects.  Our manufacturing partners are more than eager to help us create turf and bring our production times down.  We have a global logistics company that prioritizes our shipments to help us navigate the import process.  No project is too large or small for us here at Turf Envy.

Experienced & Knowledgable

Our Turf Envy team is skilled and prepared to provide you the perfect turf fit for the job, and even provide some installation assistance if necessary.

High-Quality Manufacturing

Made with only the highest quality materials, our turf is built to last. Our craftmanship comes second to none, making our turf the #1 option in the country.

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The Mind Behind Turf Envy

If you’re looking for awesome, knowledgeable people to work with, these are the people I highly recommend. Their friendliness and result-driven approach are what I love about them!​

Celeste Interrante


Connect With Us

Turf Envy is a family owned company and a leading supplier of artificial turf. Contact our expert team to get more details about our artificial turf products and how we can help you on your next project.

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Turf Central

3955 W Mesa. Vista Ave #A4 Las Vegas, NV 89118

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Cali Turf

21840 Van Buren Blvd Ste 104, Riverside CA 92508

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Care and Maintenance

Home Owners

Artificial turf is often seen as a “set it and forget it” option. However, in some cases, your turf lawn can benefit from a maintenance plan that can actually improve the lifespan and longevity of your lawn, especially when you have pets or children playing on your lawn. We are here to help you find the right turf solution for you.

Clear Debris


Use a rake or blower to remove any fallen leaves, branches, and other decaying debris that may fall on the artificial turf. When your lawn is full of infill, be careful not to move the sand around. This helps it keep a clean and tidy appearance.

Water Refreshing


Wet by spraying the lawn with a hose gently every week to remove any dust, dirt or pollen. Watering the artificial turf regularly can also help prevent uneven distribution of infill.

Cleaning Up After Your Pet


Artificial turf is safe for pets, and the removal of solid waste on turf grass is as easy as real grass. So plastic bags are fine! Rinse the targeted area after pickup. Generally, this is enough to keep the surface fresh and clean. If you notice an odor in your turf lawn, we recommend that you use an approved turf lawn cleaner that is safe for pets and children. We have a full range of products that will not affect your turf lawn over time.

Cleaning Up After a party


We want your turf lawn to be used, and we encourage everyone to fully enjoy it. Don’t worry about soiling your turf lawn, because most spills can be washed off with a small amount of water. For stubborn stains, use mild soap and warm water. Or wash with equal amounts of vinegar and water. Continue to rinse the affected area. The sooner it overflows with water from being dirty, the better. Using artificial turf, you can enjoy your garden with peace of mind. Enjoy the usual family barbecue or invite friends to a party. Do not use chemicals or equipment not recommended by Turf Envy. Please refer to the Turf Envy service manual or contact us first.